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Leside Naturals

Glow Black Soap Paste w Raw Honey 8oz

Glow Black Soap Paste w Raw Honey 8oz

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Leside Naturals Glow Black Soap is made with 100% all natural just like other black soaps we carry.  We formulate this paste with Original African Black Soap and fruit extracts which has gentle exfoliating properties that leave the skin clear soft and flawless. Our product helps to even the skin tone due to the high iron and vitamins such as A, E and gives the skin a long lasting glow. The antioxidants properties provides relieves from skin conditions that causes itchiness. It has a nutty smell which is the scent derived from all the natural ingredients used in making the soap.


This paste can also be used as face mask, and can be applied to dark areas in the body such as elbow, knuckles, knee etc. When used as a face mask, rinse off soap after 5 minutes.

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