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Leside Naturals

Hydrating Body Lotion Unscented

Hydrating Body Lotion Unscented

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Leside Naturals Hydrating Body Lotion Unscented is made with Natural Ingredients and It is ideal for all skin types.



Smooth Skin – This long-lasting body lotion will visibly moisturize your skin while replenishing it and leaving it feeling smooth and healthy-looking. It will not leave your skin feeling greasy.


Hydrating Body Lotion –You can easily use this body lotion infused with vitamins derived from the natural ingredients used in formulating the Lotion. It will help hydrate your dry skin while giving your skin a natural glow.


Deep Moisture –Our Hydrating Body Lotion provides your skin with long-lasting deep moisture that hydrates your skin all day long.


Apply Daily – For best results, apply this Hydrating Body Lotion daily. Lightly rub the lotion on your skin and reapply it as needed throughout the day.



Method of Production - 100% handmade.

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