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Leside Naturals

Skin Glow and Moisturizer Kit Bundle Offer - Adult and Kids

Skin Glow and Moisturizer Kit Bundle Offer - Adult and Kids

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Bundle Offer for Skin Glow and Moisturizer. Big Jar Lotion.

1. Hydrating Body Lotion (Scented or Unscented ) 16oz

2. Glow Black Soap Paste 8oz

Whether you are struggling with dry or itchy skin or looking forward to a daily skin moisturizer, our explicitly designed botanical formula is all that you need for this season and all the seasons on the way. Get your hands on this "Leside Naturals Hydrating Body Lotion" made from all organic natutal ingredients to suit all skin types in all seasons.

This dry skin moisturizer will act as your hand cream, foot cream, and face lotion as well. The chemical-free herbal formula of this lotion makes your skin smooth, nourished and adds a long-term healthy glow.

Leside Naturals Hydrating Body Lotion is made with Natural Ingredients and It is ideal for all skin types, adults and kids.


Smooth Skin – This long-lasting body lotion will visibly moisturize your skin while replenishing it and leaving it feeling smooth and healthy-looking. It will not leave your skin feeling greasy.

Hydrating Body Lotion –You can easily use this body lotion infused with vitamins derived from the natural ingredients used in formulating the Lotion. It will help hydrate your dry skin while giving your skin natural glow.

Deep Moisture –Our Hydrating Body Lotion provides your skin with long-lasting deep moisture that hydrates your skin all day long.

Apply Daily – For best results, apply this Hydrating Body Lotion daily. Lightly rub the lotion on your skin and reapply it as needed throughout the day.

Method of Production - 100% handmade.

Leside Naturals Glow Black Soap Paste with Raw Honey is made with 100% all natural just like other black soaps we carry.  We formulate this paste with Original African Black Soap and fruit extracts which has gentle exfoliating properties that leave the skin clear soft and flawless. Our product helps to even the skin tone due to the high iron and vitamins such as A, E and gives the skin a long lasting glow. The antioxidants properties provides relieves from acnes and eczema and other skin conditions. It has a nutty smell which is the scent derived from all the natural ingredients used in making the soap.

This paste can also be used as face mask. When used as a face mask, rinse off soap after 2 minutes.

Choose lotion 'Scented' or 'Unscented' at Checkout.

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