About Us

Just like many others out there, myself and my girls suffered from dry skin and hair for several years without a clean product to rely on. To find a resolution, I decided to start making skin and hair care products with natural ingredients and essentials oil from my grandmother recipe which birthed the establishment of Leside Naturals.

47% of people in Canada suffer from dry skin just like my 3rd daughter who suffers from dry skin and Eczema from birth but with the body cream I formulated (rich in vitamins and antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients), and applied to her Eczema daily which help her find relive from itchiness and dry skin eczema. Likewise, dry hair and Scalp is considered the top 3 root cause of hair breakage.

In addition, there is a misconception that black hair can't grow past shoulder length but with my hair butter and oil formulation, my 2nd daughter's natural 4C hair grew to 20 inches long in 6 years. 

 I am Oludayo, founder of Leside Naturals a black and women-led manufacturer of Skin and hair care products handmade with Natural Ingredients. I started formulating products in Ontario in 2016 and upon the satisfactory benefit of the products, I launched into the market in 2020. Our promise to our customers is to provide the highest quality handmade products, Chemical-free, Paraben-free, GMO-free, Cruelty-free, Color free to support you on your healthy skin and hair care journey

We formulate our products using 100% natural ingredients high in vitamins and antioxidants properties that provide and seal in moisture. 95% of our ingredients are sourced from eco and organic certified Canadian distributors while the remaining 5% is sourced directly from Nigeria from local village women. The benefits called out by our customers for using our products is long-lasting moisture and glow to their skin and lips, faster hair growth and moisturized hair feel and look, and affordability relative to size compared to other brands they have used in the past. Our products help customers feel more confident in their natural beauty.

At Leside Naturals, we believe in celebrating and embracing individuality. Our products can be used by any skin and hair type with pride. We offer you a variety of quality natural products carefully sourced from around the globe with caution. 

Safe for Adults and Kids, all time, every day!


Where you find us in Physical stores

1250 Brant St, Burlington

260 Kingston Rd W, Ajax

511 Maple Grove Dr, Oakville

930 N Park Dr, Brampton

1899 Algonquin Ave, North Bay


240 Leighland Ave, Oakville (Oakville Place)

9350 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, (Hillcrest)

419 King St W, Oshawa (Oshawa Center)


300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, (Scarborough City Center)


For Wholesale and Store listing Request, please email us at Lesidenaturals@gmail.com or info@lesidenaturals.com